Competition for a New Triple Sports Gymnasium of the Johannes-Kern Middle School in Schwabach (Bavaria), 1st Prize

Client: City of Schwabach
With: Heydorn Eaton Architects
Size: approx. 17.5ha
Date: March 2010

The object of the competition was to design a new gymnasium and sports fields for an existing middle school. The land is long, split into two areas by a 3 m sudden change of level. The southern third is occupied by a school building whose annex is currently being designed.

We proposed to locate the gymnasium on this slope, with an access to the school area at the bottom and an access for the public on the top, through a small square.

The multipurpose fields are positioned on the lower level, while the large soccer field, turf and running tracks are located at the top and bordered by a large walkway connecting to the north the parking areas of the Fürther Strasse and the main entrance square.