Longitudinal section

Triple Sports Gymnasium and Adjoining Areas of the Johannes Kern Middle School in Schwabach, Bavaria

Client: City of Schwabach
Commission: Appraisal to Site Supervision
Size: approx. 17,500m²
Duration: since June 2010

On the basis of contest won in March 2010 (see projects > competitions > triple Sport Gymnasium Schwabach) we completed the preliminary design and design for the sports fields and traffic areas located around the future Triple Sports Gymnasium.

During the project it was found out that the budgets allocated to outdoor areas did not permit the complete renovation of the existing fields. In agreement with the client, it was decided to forego the creation of a new large sports field (90 x 60 m) but rather to integrate the existing grass field (60 x 40 m) to the project. Similarly we will retain the current track courses.

These decisions prompted the need to reposition other existing fields (multipurpose fields, high and long jump areas, shot put area). However, a positive side effect of this arrangement strongly oriented towards the existing, is that we could preserve more trees than expected and originally required.