Brandenburg seascape formed of different coloured

Ministry Headquarter Henning-von-Tresckow-Straße in Potsdam, Brandenburg

Client: Ministry of Finance, Land of Brandenburg, represented by the Building Authorities
Commission: Design to Site Supervision
Size: 9,780m²
Duration: May 2005 – June 2009 (Phase 1)

On the basis of our development concept (see library >studies > ministry headquarter) we have further developed the eastern part of the estate. Special emphasis was put on the development of a uniform and coherent surfacing material to interconnect the individual free spaces. We developed the theme of an abstract representation of Brandenburg’s water system realised in the form of inlays of black asphalt, within a uniform level of bright, water-permeable asphalt. The area is traffic-calmed and no deliberate distinction is made between surfacing of the roadway and the pavement.

The entrance from the Lustgarten onto the anticipated publicly accessible property is accented by polygons of hornbeam hedges. As perforated green walls they continue the building line of the historically listed Lustgarten wall but will nevertheless be permeable.

Two lawns beside the wall of the Lustgarten are bounded by 40 cm wide bands Muschelkalk limestone. Along the brightly rendered Lustgarten wall a planting of Crown Imperial, alliums, acanthus and different kinds of hortensia form colourful accents.

An ancient oak and three chestnut trees are similarly bounded with bands of limestone and subtlety under-planted with wild perennials and grasses.

Fronting the Minister of Interior, the 18th century Knobelsdorff Gardens have been realised in the first phase as a 50cm raised grass parterre enclosed by wall seating of coloured exposed concrete and hedges.

The southern entrance of the central detached ”House K” a plaza is designed as two spill-out spaces with small plant beds and seating. These are set with yellow granite stonework and fringed by five newly planted Manna Ash trees