Var. 1: Forum as an open paved area

Development Concept Ministry Headquarters Henning-von-Tresckow-Straße in Potsdam

Client: Land of Brandenburg, represented by the Building Authorities
In collaboration with: ff-Architekten
Size: 68,500 m²
Duration: May - December 2004

Following our competition success (see projects > competitions) we produced, together with ff-Architects office, a development concept for the Ministry headquarters in Potsdam.

The aim of our design was to create a public space within the city. The arrangement of the landscape played a crucial role, through:
The creation of a central open space, the Forum; the opening-up of the entrance to the Lustgarten (pleasure grounds) property; and the use of single surfacing material in the arrangement of the spaces that belong to the buildings, but nevertheless public open areas.

The Development Concept revealed that despite the current unsatisfactory situation, it was possible to adapt and incorporate the existing site qualities into new urban development.

One example for this are the grounds of the future Forum, a space which is already defined by two large oaks. Conversely, other free spaces – areas for activity, courtyards, gardens and parking bays at the Straße am Lustgartenwall - will be only completed in the course of the new urban design. The character of these spaces was developed within the framework of the Development Concept.