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Thomas Guba

Born in 1965 in Berlin
Diploma (Dipl.-Ing.) in Garden and Landscape Architecture
Languages: German - French - English - Norwegian

Studied Landscape Planning at Berlin Technical University
Scholarship at the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage in Versailles;
Diploma Thesis carried out in Oslo
Worked in a variety of different offices: G.G. Kiefer,
Ines Alkewitz, Grün Berlin GmbH, a.g.u Lange + Grigoleit
Entry into the Berlin Chamber of Architects;
Lectured at Berlin Technical University
Fixed-term contract as Research Associate at Berlin Technical University;

Martine Sgard

Born in 1971 in France
Paysagiste D.P.L.G
Languages: French - Swedish – German – English

Diploma in Geography and German at the University of Paris XII
Studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage de Versailles;
Scholarship for Harvard University in Cambridge-USA and Berlin Technical University;
Thesis work undertaken in Paris and Berlin
Worked in a variety of different offices: The Paris Ministry for Town Planning (IAURIF),
Louafi Office, Birgit Hammer Office, Office Agence Ter Paris Bad Oeynhausen
Lectured at the Berlin Technical University, Institute for Landscape Architecture
Entry into the Berlin Chamber of Architects

Agency Profile

Our agency guba+sgard LANDSCHAFTSARCHITEKTEN was created in 2000 as a Berlin based ltd. company..

We focus on the project planning of landscaping in all phases and cater to public as well as private clients. The gradual reconstruction of the Villa Henckel Park in Potsdam has allowed us to deepen our knowledge in restoration of historic monuments over the past years. Since 2010 we also have an experience in sports fields thanks to our project of a triple sports gymnasium in Bavaria.

We also deal with urban issues in cooperation with teams of architects. What we find most appealing is to discuss the different ways to approach the phenomenon of “city” and find common solutions.


Conducting a project from A to Z, i.e. from the brainstorming to the site supervision (and sometimes beyond), is fascinating to us:
After an often quite long period of on-site visiting, discussion with the client and other project stakeholders, comes the drawing design and specifications phase, and finally the phase where the idea takes shape and materializes.

We focus our work on the crystallization of an adequate response to a given problem, rather than on the culture of a particular formal style. What dictates our approach is the place itself, with its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the client’s expectations and (financial) resources. Our goal is to find simple and seemingly obvious solutions. This does not exclude, however, the introduction of poetry and the unexpected in a clear design.

Our look of and confrontation with the actual place is what we consider the most important in our landscaping mission. By exploring a site, understanding its meaning and its history, analyzing its topography, its size and its views, it is possible to find project ideas and adequate solutions. Contrary to what is customary in building design, requests and wishes are often imprecise, allowing us to invent and propose different purposes for the location and ways to create them. It is common that the client has a vague idea of what is possible. That's why we gladly endorse the sentence of the Britisch architect Dennis Lasdun:

"Our job is to give the client not what he wants, but what he never dreamt he wanted".